The Most Effective Home Mold Removal Options

Find out about mold inspection kits and equipment

Mold removal doesn’t have to be a tricky process. In fact, it needs to be performed with care so that the toughest black molds get removed easily from your house. In order to do so, you simply need to be more aware of all the household items that can be used for removing mold from your house effectively. Take a look at some of these options.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about mold testing kits
• Ammonia
Ammonia solution can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio with water in order to get the perfect mixture to kill black mold in your home. Though ammonia can be a little harmful to work with, it can be one of the most effective ways in which mold can be removed from your house. You will simply have to put it in a spray bottle and make sure that you spray it on all the places where you can find mold. After spraying them, just brush it thoroughly and the mold with be gone. You should later rinse it with water. Wipe with a clean cloth and let the surface dry thoroughly. In case you want to use it for any surface that is made of vinyl, you should be using only 1/4th cup of ammonia along with a cup of water in order to make sure that you safely remove the mold from the surface. Scrubbing here will also be essential and you will again have to rinse the surface with clean water. If you find stains anywhere, you can rub some alcohol there and get the desired results.

You must always remember that ammonia acts somewhat like bleach. Therefore, it would be able to kill the mold on the surface of non-porous substances but doesn’t work really well on any porous substances. This mean that you can use ammonia for glass, countertops, tiles and even bathtubs with ease. However, it will not be working really well for wood or even for drywalls. It is a very harsh and abrasive kind of chemical and you should always make sure that you are handling it with care. It can emit toxic fumes which might cause trouble for you.

• Laundry detergent
This can be another common choice for most of us. Just use one tablespoon with two cups of cold water and you should be able to clean off all the black mold from the house with the help of a thick and hard brush. The best thing about this is that it can be used for almost any surface and any material.…

Do Mold Testing Kits Really Provide Accurate Results?

How to test for black mold in your house

When you see there is a mold issue at your home, you should conduct black mold testing to identify the severity of the problem. Mostly people prefer home mold test kits than hiring a professional because they do not want to pay to him/her. Unfortunately sometimes people have to face inappropriate results by the use of home mold test kits.

Black mold test kits

The specialist mold inspector has advanced equipment to perform black mold testing. They will locate all the mold infected areas around your home with the help of these equipment and tools. Many times people use cheap kits and perform black mold test by their own but they do not get accurate results. These cheap kits not always provide all the affected areas and you may be misguiding by these kits. Sometimes the mold testing kits shows that there is no mold spore present but actually it could be possible that still there are mold spores present in your building. These hidden spores will cause serious health issues to your in future.

Professional mold testing

The most convenient way to locate mold infected area is to approach a professional. They will detect all the mold affected area even the smaller once as well. Once the mold removal procedure has been done, the mold detector professionals will come back and check whether you home is completely free from mold or not. If you decide to choose professional be sure about the mold cleanup process for you. Before hiring mold test professional company check whether the services are satisfying or not. A good example is

How a professional mold tester will satisfy your expectations?

An experienced and trained professional will perform mold test with high quality tools and exceptional engineering abilities. The mold testing professional will inspect all the areas and household things to detect mold. He/she will also take the air sample to check the mold effect in your home. After testing mold the specialist will explain you everything related to mold present in your home. He/she will tell you about the nature of mold that means are it toxic or not. As per your demand the professional will also provide you with a written mold removal protocol that involves safety precautions. When the mold present in your home completely removed, the specialist will come back again to reschedule the mold test to confirm whether the mold has been completely eradicated or not.…

Document Your Alpharetta Water Damage

Documentation Is Important In Water Damage

If your house has just suffered from some kind of water damage, then you should definitely be making sure that you are documenting each and everything. In such a circumstance, it might seem to be the last thing on your mind. After all, you are busy in extracting the water from your home. This is not a time for you to take up a paper and pencil and write down what has been lost or start taking pictures of the damage. However, no matter how bad it may seem, you need to understand that the lack of documentation can make you face a lot of financial damage in the future. Hence, you can certainly think about keeping urgency on a back foot and start to document things. If you cannot do it, then let someone else document things for you. It would be a better idea and shall give you the best option possible.

Why is documentation important at all? Can we not focus on water damage restoration, extraction and remediation instead of taking pictures? No. You need to take pictures and even make videos if possible. Plus, you will have to take a manual inventory as well. Water damage can be classified as sudden water damage or even a flood damage which are both covered under different kinds of insurance policies. When you have suffered a damage, you will certainly wish to get the claim of your insurance which will not be possible unless you are able to provide a proof that you have suffered a damage. Plus, you also need to showcase the extent of damage in this case which can only be proved if you have pictures and videos.

If you are a smart homeowner, you would have already kept an inventory of all the items that are kept in your house. You must have also clicked pictures of these items in your house. After doing all this, you should be making sure that you are comparing the before and after pictures and presenting them as a documented proof of damage that you have suffered. This helps you in understanding the real damage that you have faced and will also be providing you a monetary compensation for the same. If you not taken an inventory yet, then you must do so immediately. If taking a manual inventory does not seem possible because of the condition of the house, just film or picture every single thing that you can. Later, you can view the pictures and videos to take an inventory.…